Adult Connect Groups

*Connect groups meet Sunday mornings.


Adult Class taught by Ronny Joe Nelson & Gary Miller. Portable Room #2


Adult Class taught by Richard Branch. Location: Room 102
Adult Class taught by Ronnie & Kelli Beller. Location: Youth Center at West Campus
Adult Class taught by Drew Beard. Location: Portable Room #2
Young Parents Class taught by Seth Sandusky & Josh Worthy. Location: Conference Room in Children's Building
Senior Adult Ladies Class taught by Robbie Jenkins & Virgie Andrews. Location: Room 100
Senior Adult Men's Class taught by AJ Brewer. Location: Room 109
New Members Class (August 4th-25th) taught by Bryan & Sherry Hodges. Location: Room 104
Adult Ladies Class taught by Lindy Brewer. Location: Children's Building.
Middle School Students taught by Cory & Tabitha Moon. Location: Portable Room #3
High School Students taught by Shane & Laurie Horinek. Location: Portable #4


College & Young Adult Class taught by Connie Beller in the Conference Center at the West Campus
Adult Class taught by Anthony Fraijo. Location: Room 104
Newly Married Class taught by Cal & Hanna Andrews. Location: Portable Room #1

Tuesday Activities

9:30am- Women's Bible Study led by Leigh Wilson
6:00pm- Senior Adult Fellowship

Wednesday Nights

5:30pm- Fellowship Meal
6:30pm- Men's Bible Study in Room 104
Ladies Bible Study led by Leigh Wilson in Portable #3
Ladies Bible Study led by Tara Pogue in Portable #4

Small Groups

Sunday Evening

Monday Evening

Wednesday Evening

Please visit the Connect Corner for additional information regarding Small Groups.